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The Classic Valentines

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Yep, posted last year and probably the year before, but I like to think of it as an antidote to all that excess slop that’s out there right now… Yes, I actually consider myself quite a romantic in “real” life, but not in the icky commercialised way of things…

Bear Arses for Valentines

Give me £4.99 supermarket roses
wobbling on the point of wilt.
Or two for eight quid. A snip!
Cellophane-strangled, thornless
and fake scented.
Force-grown, dip-dyed,
red to prove passion.
Or something.

Give me a “personalized” card
bought online, just for me.
Send off a gurning snapshot
and they’ll do the rest:
sign it and lick the envelope
and post it to S.W.A.L.K. through
my door, forensic without
your fingerprints.
Once you’ve paid them.

Give me a big pink teddy bear
yanked from a furry squash
of identical card-shop bears.
Stitched on smile, paws sewn
to cushions saying…

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