Over clocked-Brain-Sickness (OBS)

Have you heard this before, “An average human uses only 10% of the capacity of its brain.”? I don’t know if this is true or not. I suppose it’s just to encourage children to concentrate more on studies. But yes this sentence asks many questions along side. Like, what the actual capacity of the brain is? How can we increase the working power of our brain? I mean that would be great. Isn’t it? Having the powers of an IBM Roadrunner (the world’s 2nd most powerful beast, I mean super computer…) inside one’s tiny brain can only create miracles.

But the actual case is far away from this fictional story of mine. A study reveals that a person can remember only 150 to 170 friends (a random data). I mean this is a smaller number compared to the friend’s list of many of our friends on facebook. And this is the way facebook is supposed to help people getting more and more friends. Just kidding…

So how much data an average human being in today’s world consumes per day? I’m not asking about your data usage from your ISP. I hope you all understand what I want to know. For example suppose a person on facebook has an average of 150 friends. So he’ll be informed about the updates of minimum 50-75 friends. Then he will visit some 10-15 friends’ pages, and comment on their activities. How much number of emails he is getting per day, starting from his facebook account, two personal email accounts, two professional email accounts and the list goes on. And how many hours are you spend on TV? Be it “CNN” or “so you think you can dance”. Whatever. You will ultimately get more and more data. How many hours of work? 8 hours? Ok. Very nice. Then you’ll end up feeding more and more data to your brain. And finally… oops …we are forgetting something. That’s right, TWITTER. It just changed the face of internet. Providing each and every detail of all of them whom you are following, all the time. I love twitter. And certainly there is always the untold category of SMSs and CALLs. Which push the limit further, making it even more complex for me to analyze the actual measure of stress?

And what happens to all these data? Information galore? Disappear? Not really. We consume all these data. Digest them. Get the protein, fat, calories, water, minerals etc. out of it. And the rest is thrown in to trash. Some of the consumed data are useful, and some are simple rubbish. Some need serious attention, and for some we need to press DEL on our keyboard/blackberry.

So at the end of the day, what is your status? Tired? Of too many data? Or as I would like to call it the over clocked-brain-sickness (OBS). In simple terms a stressed human brain; over clocked as we all better know. This is a nice book I found on Amazon. You can go through it for quickly increasing your brain power (not exactly equal to the Roadrunner, but I think the author has done a fantastic work).

brain fog_cover


9 thoughts on “Over clocked-Brain-Sickness (OBS)

  1. i like this OBS thing. sometimes in the middle of a very busy work day where tons of information go into your brain and you have to process each and every bit of it as fast as you can, i paused for a while and try to feel my head. it was like going to explode soon!! haha. it kinda scared me so i normally i will take a few minutes off walking to the pantry to get some water.. at least to rest my extremely tired brain.

    nice article you got here, rajan.


  2. I thought it would be a few boring old post, however it recompensed for my time. I’ll posting a web link to this post on my web log. I am sure my customers will see that very helpful.


  3. OBS –definitely going to be coined as the average person’s post traumatic stress. Too much data is traumatic! But I am guessing the brains of generations is born into this information environment will adapt and change and be different than those who were not.
    I would like to post this on my blog.Is this possible?
    Tx! CE


      1. oh thats a tough question. But no i didn’t quit. It’s something like i don’t get much time for writing and posting that on my blog. But yeah i definitely do spend some time reading blogs. Thanks for your feedback. Do come back .


  4. Sure writing into cyberspace seems like an ethereal waste of time but when your words are caught by some random person they instantly have value, maybe not to you, but for sure to your readers. Wishing you extra hours…

    PS. I have added a link in my blog to this post so the ball is in your court… 😉


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