Eat Pray Love: the fusion of some aspects of life

eat pray love
eat pray love

According to PEOPLE’s review, “ It’s not the most well researched book on marriage, but as a study on intimacy and the need for the special union, in an era when marriage is going out of fashion, it will touch hearts.”

After her international best seller “EAT PRAY LOVE”, Elizabeth Gilbert is all set to reach new dimensions with her new master piece “COMMITTED”. It differs from the journey of “EAT PRAY LOVE” and goes to a new directon showing what marriages are meant to be. She was excellent in those days (of 2006) of ITALY INDIA INDONESIA journey. And now she’s back with COMMITTED. Add me to the fan list. Great work Elizabeth.



2 thoughts on “Eat Pray Love: the fusion of some aspects of life

  1. I read in an interview that she was actually just freaking out about marriage herself, so she decided to explore it by writing a book about the whole subject. I’m a bit torn on whether I should read it or not but maybe I’ll cave later. On a related note, if you haven’t already, have a look at her infloox page. There’s some great info about her inspirations and reading recs.


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