The twilight of a gorgeous lie

It came to my mind last night, when I was sleeping. It was not a deep sleep, but was enough to capture those moments from my dream.

Later this morning, when I started remembering them and analyzing them, I smiled and looked towards the coffee mug besides my bed.

Now this was the exact point of my deception. I started believing that it was a lie, a gorgeous lie.


One thought on “The twilight of a gorgeous lie

  1. i like the title of your post. it captured my senses. i’m not really a “dream” person. i seldom have dreams when i sleep and when i do, i can’t really remember them when i wake up.

    so i daydream instead. i think of nice places and people and come up with a story in my mind. they make me happy for a moment.

    i’m wondering what you have dreamt of..

    have a good day, rajat…


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