Back to the Beginning

It seems

like I’m achieving nothing.

Each day

starts and ends

as if they were meant to do that.

I start each day

with an aim.

And as the sun goes up,

my desires start to fade away.

I find myself nowhere.

After some moment comes

the much awaited EVENING,

and I try to start something old in a new way and I fail each time.

And with the approaching night,

I find myself dead,

in a very common way

that’s something I’m used to.

And then comes

another new day.

Back to the beginning. Back to life.


4 thoughts on “Back to the Beginning

  1. hi, rajat..

    i think you need a break or some kind of inspiration to boost you up with your daily routines. i feel that, too, sometimes. but when i get to have a good rest, a nice dinner with friends or perhaps a lively chat with close colleagues, i feel alive again. try to embrace new hobbies, too. it will help if you have something different to look forward to instead of the same old routines everytime.

    cheer up! life is great.. 🙂


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