10 excellent tips for an awesome weekend

You know you had a great weekend if you did atleast few of these below mentioned tips or all of them. I did it. No, I’m not saying it like, “Yeh.. I did it.. finally..”, i could’ve made it more interesting but here are some tips for you to go out and try something new.

1. Travel alone to an unknown place for no reason. Well, having one will also do. Pick any place as long as you don’t care about the air fare. Any place will be good if you’ve never been there before. “Don’t choose wisely” or “don’t think, just book your tickets” is the secret here. Trust me you’ll never regret doing it. But.. but.. before choosing any place randomly just do some homework like know about the weather and people etc.. nothing much.

2. Go and sit alone in a lonely bus stop for hours under the scorching sun*. Don’t try to do anything stupid, just sit quietly. Observe the heat. Sometimes good for you and bad for your eyes. Keeping some coke with you might come handy if its summer. Take your sun glasses with you.

3. Watch people, lots of people, moving alone, together, with kids, with family and with their old parents. And believe me, this is awesome. Try to figure out what they are up to, what they are talking about. This one’s the most interesting thing for me to do.

4. Don’t carry a camera with you. No camera. Strictly. Take pictures with your eyes. A cell phone camera won’t even help for good picturs. Try remembering so that you can describe it to a friend later. I’m not sure with this.

5. Give one red rose to a cute little girl. She’ll love it. Or “I like your sun glasses” she will say atleast. I should have taken a picture of that little girl. My bad. Then keep the rest 49 roses with you till they change their color. Then throw them away. I mean purchase just one or 50 roses. Crazy stuff to hang around with.

6. Watch couples kiss in public places. Ok leave it for the better part. Watch people in love, more or less, you’ll have the feeling that some of us are still human.

7. Share an ice cream with a physically challenged person. But don’t ask him  anything, don’t even try asking anything, or you’ll end up making that person uncomfortable, sometimes angry or I don’t know. Just don’t do it.

8. Read a news paper completely from starting to end, each and every article, even advertisements. Great way to kill your time, and believe me after reading two or three pages your eyes will start to have a blurry vision if you are an occasional news paper reader and read everything on a screen, be it your PC, tab or phone.

9. Read one thousand tweets, yes you heard me, one thousand tweets, without taking a break. This one’s hard I know. And weird too.

10. Try not to eat anything through out the day even if you feel hungry, then after few hours you won’t even feel hungry. You’ll start to use your secondary power source automatically. Will power. That was weird. Very weird. You might get sick by doing this act of insanity, but trust me you’ll learn how billions of people in this world live with just half of a meal everyday, while few others order a good sandwich at subway. Yes.


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