Edge of Emptiness

Emptiness is inside us, yes
It amuses us.
For an instant so serene,
It holds us,
Moulds us into its omnipresence.
We try not to escape.

We try not to escape from its tricks,
From its burns so sweet,
It shows us how to blend.
The reality is nothing,
But a man made scarecrow,
Planted on the graves of undead.
We fear.

It shows us path we must not dare,
And how every path leads to a point,
Where nothing stands correct,
Nothing stands fair.
We think of the sunshine,
But we don’t belong there.
And we weep.

It takes more than just a vision,
To foresee the fate.
How we ruined the humanity,
And left cursed without a reason.
The emptiness shows us light,
We close our eyes.

Morning breeze wakes us up,
And the clock has not stopped ticking.


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