Chimes at midnight

pic: pic:

Nights dewed the grasses
And my daffodils in the garden

Touching the chime again
While no one is watching

Starting to disperse
Towards unfamiliar addresses

Morning breeze
Touching our fingers entwined
Chills through my spine

Made of euphoric
Singularity within ourselves

I think
Now, of white sand
Pebbles on the beach
And the setting sun

About the rain

pic: pic:

The more she kept looking at
Those clouds
The longer it took her
To identify
And name the shapes
They formed together
The slow wind
Wasn’t strong enough
Those differently colored clouds
Mostly grey
Wandered beneath the pale sky
In a subtle way

Thoughts about
The immenseness of the universe
Were dismayed
The sounds
Surprisingly quite and how
When it’s loud outside
And everything’s not the way
They were before
Remembering the childhood
In to reality
Tasting the breeze
To existence
And there was silence
In the darkness
That once covered her thoughts
Soon the early drops
Started falling from the sky

“I feel like,
I should drop everything,
That worries me
And just walk,
Along the beautiful road.”
“It’ll be peaceful and
I’ll be happy for no reason.”

This was all about the rain
As she told me