About the rain

pic: instagram.com/rajatpradhan pic: instagram.com/rajatpradhan

The more she kept looking at
Those clouds
The longer it took her
To identify
And name the shapes
They formed together
The slow wind
Wasn’t strong enough
Those differently colored clouds
Mostly grey
Wandered beneath the pale sky
In a subtle way

Thoughts about
The immenseness of the universe
Were dismayed
The sounds
Surprisingly quite and how
When it’s loud outside
And everything’s not the way
They were before
Remembering the childhood
In to reality
Tasting the breeze
To existence
And there was silence
In the darkness
That once covered her thoughts
Soon the early drops
Started falling from the sky

“I feel like,
I should drop everything,
That worries me
And just walk,
Along the beautiful road.”
“It’ll be peaceful and
I’ll be happy for no reason.”

This was all about the rain
As she told me

2010: A fresh year out-of-the-box

And yes… It’s another calendar to replace the older one. It’s a new year on earth once again. This is the 1st day of the year. I was not planning for this blog. But few days ago I thought of creating one. May be out of curiosity or may be there are some other reasons. I don’t know.

But despite of some extra amount of beer, champagne & cakes, spending some reserved bucks for parties, two nights on the beach, some holidays, some not-so-gorgeous photos in a half-awakened state, visiting friends and wishing them, updating facebook with some chosen photos, sending nearly 100 text messages, some more painful spending on long distance phone calls to friends, relatives & colleagues, and a hard found gift (normally not of your choice, but compelled to buy) for your not-so-classy girlfriend, I think it’s the same day like others.

So the question is whether there is something new or not? And my answer is yes.  And only if you want something new out of it, it’ll be the-new-thing for you. Have you taken any resolution for the New Year? It would be better if you have not taken any. Believe me, it’s a waste. Because most of the people take more than one New-Year’s-Resolution, and most of them forget the resolution after 3 days. So if there is something you want to change about yourself or for yourself, just do it. By the way I don’t follow the above written rule ever.

Go GREEN and keep it GREEN always. That’s going to give our very own planet a new future.