She always loved,
The loud scars, imperfections,
In people, in herself,
Thought it ties the tales.
Stronger forever.

Started to immerse,
Her unversed heart,
So in the dark, she,
filled it with evil,
Left no place,
For obscure affairs.

She knew,
as she stared,
Across the black void.
The wrong in her,
and others in her world.
Vague, indifferent.

A thought,
In disguise,
Tiptoed, into her
ever-reigning psyche.
Rustled to lose control.

kala ghoda: art & mumbai

SAVE THE PLANET” is the new slogan here. The “kala ghoda” is doing just that in mumbai this year.

art gallery
art gallery

an abstract photo
an abstract photo

modern art
modern art

photo gallery
photo gallery

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